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  • Cosun New Energy Technology
    Cosun New Energy Technology
  • Cosun Smart Home Battery RS-8700 +Hybrid Inverter
    Cosun Smart Home Battery RS-8700 +Hybrid Inverter
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    Cosun PV+Battery system layout

About Us


Cosun started to design and manufacture the battery system with Germany Partner in 2013, received the world-first TUV VDE-AR-E 2510-50 Solar Power system certification in 2016. With dozens of Cosun home battery system installed in Germany for users and installer’s testing with over 6 years continuous improvements, Cosun is one of the earliest pioneers and most reliable supplier in smart home energy storage global market with lithium iron technology.

Cosun Smart Battery Storage System 
maximize your self-consumption of Solar Power 
 RS-Box has four 12V, 170Ah lithium iron phosphate batteries in series 
( 8.7kWh Energy Capacity). Each battery contains 4 block which paralleled
 lots of cells. The cell nominal voltage is 3.2V.
COSUN Solar Power Battery Storage System:

1.Safe lithium-ion batteries
2.Emergency Power Supply
3. Single-phase operation
4. Unique Battery Management System(BMS) developed
by Germany Engineering Team with over 5-years &
hundred of  local user’s experience
5. Smart Web-based Remote Maintenance/Monitoring/
Firmware-Upgrading,greatly eliminate the need for
installer to enter customer’s house for maintenance.
6. 2A Active High Efficient Balancing
7. LCD Touch Screen Control Panel
8. Compatible to most of the hybrid inverter in the market:
SMA / Growatt / Goodwe / Studer / Solax
and more are in coming.



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  • Complete WARRANTY

    Complete WARRANTY

    10-Year Industry-Leading Warranty for whole system (not only battery)
  • TUV Certified Product & Factory

    TUV Certified Product & Factory

    The World first TUV certificate Tested acc. To:E VDE-AR-E 2510-50
  • cosun cloud

    cosun cloud

    Remote maintenance via Web-Portal, not only moniter,record but also upgrade the firmware, and it is free service
  • Fast Free Delivery

    Fast Free Delivery

    10-15 Days Free Deliver from Germany Warehouse for whole Europe, No more waiting for months to let cusotmer down

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